Nantahala Bass Battle raises money for NHS junior/senior trip


Diane Peltz – Contributing Writer

Nantahala School held its second annual Bass Battle Fundraiser, on Saturday Sept. 29, on Nantahala Lake.  Nantahala School has a total population of 83 students ranging from grades K-12, one of only three K-12 schools in the state. This fundraiser will help pay for the junior/senior week long field trip this year. Fourteen students in the junior/senior class will be attending this trip at the end of the school year. Although a destination has not yet been determined, the cost of other trips from past years ranged in the vicinity of $600 per student.

The Bass Battle had a $1,000 payout with a $500 first place guarantee, along with a price for Big Fish. 

Approximately 25 participants enrolled in the Bass Battle this year. The teams were composed of father/ son, grandfather/ grandson and several individual contestants.  The boats showed up on the water early that morning with a sunny forecast and cool weather on the horizon. With fishing poles and nets in place, the fun began.  Teams began catching the fish early on and by afternoon the weigh-in took place.  

Josh and Zac Taylor were the winning team who caught a whopping 11.82 lbs. of bass. The Runner up was Max and Justin Raxter  with an impressive catch of 11 lbs. Honorable mention goes to the following contestants:

3rd – Scott Stalcup/Josh Stephens  10.84 lbs

4th- Junior and Jason Rowland  10.56 lbs

5th- Jacob Crowe/Michael Bradley  7.74 lbs

6th- Mike and Michael Winchester  6.72 lbs

7th- Mike Bale/Thomas Myers  4.34 lbs

8th- Trevor Miller  3.84

9th- Daniel Cruse/Chuck Lovingood  3.44lbs

10th- Shawn and Hunter Bryant 3.10lbs

11th- Barry Farley/Ben Ward  2.48

12th- John Mitchell/Tanner McGregor  0.8

Josh Taylor won the $125 prize for Biggest Large Mouth. Max Raxter won the $125 for Biggest Small Mouth.

This event could not have taken place were it not for the sponsors. The following businesses offered support of this fundraising event: 

Stay Nantahala Cabins and Luxury Yurts

Lakes End Café

Lakes End Marina

Nantahala Real Estate Company

CR Brown

Nantahala Volunteer Fire and Rescue

The Preserve Farm at Little Choga

Cherokee Mountain Cabins


Nantahala Spa Care

Murphy Builders Supply

Sausage biscuits and coffee were served in the morning and then hot dogs and BBQ plates were served up in the afternoon. Raffle tickets for various items were also sold. Nantahala raised $1,200 after paying out all expenses.