’Net claims another casualty


Have you ever wondered what the capital of Albania is? You haven’t? Years ago, I committed that piece of information to memory for who knows what reason. Though I’ve yet to hear anyone ask what Albania’s capital is, I am always poised to pounce on that inquiry, if and when it ever comes up.

There was a time when possessing troves of trivia gave a person status. In the 1980s, Trivial Pursuit became the most popular board game of the era. It allowed those who stashed factoids into their brain to strut their stuff and impress others. While I was a so-so Trivial Pursuit player, I did once correctly identify the Mindbenders as the 1960s backup group for Wayne Fontana. Most people could care less, but for the three other people who remember the Mindbenders, it’s a “Groovy Kind of Love.”

The ’80s were the most technologically advanced age before the wide-spread use of the Internet. Besides the De- Lorean and parachute pants, personal computers were coming onto the scene and though it was as big as a loaf of bread, the cell phone emerged in that decade. Phones would get smaller, computers more powerful, and the Internet became fully functional, all finally combining into one unit that we know today as the smart phone.