New commissioners admonished to make changes


With a few new changes in our county commissioners, I am wondering whether or not there might be some changes in the county. I’m speaking of changes that do not increase taxes but changes that make living here in the mountains a little more livable. 

Since moving to Macon County 12 years ago, I have continually heard that the county does not like change. The Good Old Boy factor keeps things the same, the same as it was 12 years ago when I moved here and probably the same as it was 20 years ago. 

I can think of numerous ordinances that would make living here more tolerable, things that I have heard from numerous people who like me, moved here from another state to enjoy the beauty, peace and tranquility of living in the mountains. To state a few things that are common in the other counties around us are: travel any county road and you will find numerous homes surrounded by garbage and junk, unlicensed vehicles, stacks of pallets, what have you. 

Another common gripe I have heard is the lack of zoning control and building bylaws that protect property owners from commercial endeavors moving in next door, trailers and mobile homes encroaching on single family residential communities. 

Here’s a good one I have experienced: Heard about from my neighbors and read about, the firing of firearms at all times of the day and night within close proximity of other homes. They must intimidate their neighbor not to complain. The sheriff seems to care little about the practice where they will fire off hundreds of rounds continually over hours, some are even determined to be fully automatic guns. I’m not against the second amendment, I own weapons too, however, common sense means go to the firing range if you take the notion to act like Rambo. 

How about the maintenance of the highway right-of-way, why do our county roads look like garbage dumps, the grass long enough to have it baled, where Jackson County and Rabun County road are always well groomed and clean.

You commissioners, these observations do not cost money or tax increases. It takes some balls by our commissioners to invoke changes for the betterment of the citizens, taxpayers and for the betterment of the county.

Recently I met a couple from Pennsylvania who had decided to move to the Carolinas to get away from the crime and school problems they experience there. They spent time in Haywood County, Jackson County, and their final stop, Macon County. As we sat enjoying a brew at a local brewery, they asked us a lot of questions and offered a lot of comments. They said they were going back to Jackson County to zero in on a home because they thought it offered more controls, was cleaner and offered more on what they were looking for. They commented on one of thy favorite complaints, the number of garbage and dumpy homes along almost every road they travelled. (They did say that they had written a letter to the county about their feelings.)

So, you new commissioners, are you going to fall into the same old practice and become one of the Good Old Boys and stay with the status quo or do you not think it worthwhile to explore some change?  


G. Puckett – Franklin, N.C.