No challengers in Board of Education race


board of education

The filing period for Macon County Board of Education seats as well as a seat on Soil and Water Conservation closed on Friday, July 1. The three Board of Education seats will appear on the November ballot without challengers as only the incumbents, Stephanie McCall, Jim Breedlove, and Melissa Evans, were the only people to file for the seats.

“This is my eighth year of serving on the Macon Board of Education,” said Macon County Board of Education Chairman Jim Breedlove. “It has been rewarding but challenging at the same time. I think all of the members of our board serve to make sure every child in Macon County receives the best education we can give them. I am a product of Macon County Schools, as are my children and am very proud of that fact. I remind myself that our children are our future, so it is important to give them the tools they will need to be successful in the careers they choose.


Moving forward, Breedlove said the entire board faces challenges ensuring Macon County students receive the best education possible despite uncertainty in funding.

“In my view the two biggest challenges we face are as follows,” said Breedlove. “First is the funding our system needs to maintain our current level of excellence we now enjoy. School systems across the state have lost the funding sources we enjoyed in the past. Fortunately, in Macon County we have been supported financially  by our county commissioners to cover these losses. That, combined with the efforts of the board and all of the outstanding Macon County Schools employees has allowed the school system to continue to look for ways to improve and expand the opportunities we strive to offer to each and every student. Secondly, all school systems are faced with maintaining and improving the student’s education while dealing with the ever increasing rules and regulations mandated by the state. It is truly amazing how our educators are able to deal with these obstacles and continue to give their best to all students.”

One seat on the Soil and Water Conservation opened and incumbent Calvin Conley did not file for re-election. Two newcomers, Matt Mason and Jonathan D. Anderson have filed and will appear on the November ballot.