Diane Peltz – Contributing Writer

During the meeting of the Town Council on Sept. 4, several nonprofit agencies made applications for grants which will be taken under consideration and approved at the next Town Council meeting in October.

 • The Arts Council requested $3,000 to establish high quality arts programs in the Town of Franklin. Most Arts Council programs are offered for free or pay-what-you-can. No one is excluded for inability to pay. 

• Community Care Clinic is asking for $5,000. This agency offers free medical care for those who do not have insurance. The funds are needed to pay for flu vaccines, medicines and the free health care offered to Macon County residents in need.

• Franklin Cemetery Association has requested $5,000 to assist in maintaining the grounds of Woodlawn Cemetery.  The property must be mowed two times a month and due to lack of funds it has not been maintained as it had been in the past.  

• Habitat for Humanity requested $5,000 to assist residents who cannot afford it with housing repairs. In the recent past, they have replaced a resident’s roof costing $5,000; installed a porch and a handicapped ramp which cost $2,250. Habitat has put in more than 1,658 man hours in manual labor for these projects. Many residents would not be able to get some of these needed repairs without the help of Habitat for Humanity.

• Hospice House Foundation has requested $5,000 to assist with remodeling inpatient facilities. One such facility is located at 272 Maple Street which, when completed, will house six patient suites.

• KIDS Place has requested $5,000 to assist staff with child forensic interviews and therapies. They have outgrown their current space and are planning to build a new facility near the Franklin Fire Department and the Police Department. 

• Macon County Care Network requested a grant for $5,000 to aid in their food pantry and to purchase products to distribute to the needy. Care Net supplied more than 258,958 pounds of food last year and served 7,835 meals from their soup kitchen. On average, about 5,944 households were helped and 11,408 individuals.  Care Net states that 26.8 percent of families and 34.2 percent of individuals fall below the federal poverty line and 78 percent of full time workers live paycheck to paycheck.

• Macon County Humane Society has requested $5,000 to assist those who have pets and are in need of spaying and neutering services.  More than 90 pets were spayed or neutered last year helping to keep the dog and cat population at bay.

• Macon County Public Library has requested $5,000 in order to purchase much needed equipment. They are in need of a digital microfilm reader. Their current reader is 13 years old and is no long under warranty. It will cost $5,000 to replace the old microfilm reader.  Residents use this reader for many different searches such as the census, marriage licenses, genealogical records and historical records. The NC digital library is good for some searches, but it has many gaps that the microfilm readers fill. 

• REACH has requested $5,000 in order to provide victims of domestic violence and sexual assault assistance and shelter.  In the past, they have assisted 476 clients. They have had 21,923 client contacts, 564 hotline calls and have served 10,332 meals for those in their shelters. 

– Read2Me has requested a grant in the amount of $5,000 to help preschoolers increase their literacy levels through the Storywalks and the Dolly Parton Imagination Library which mails a free book each month to any child age 0-5. That is 60 books for a child that is enrolled at birth and continues through age five.

• The Literacy Council has requested $5,000 for in-school tutoring. They will use the money to train retired teachers who will assist in the schools on a daily basis in order to improve literacy and to raise test scores.

• The Women’s History Trail had requested $5,000 withdrew its request until October. 

The total requested for the 2018-2019 fiscal year amounts to $60,000. The Town of Franklin’s total amount budgeted for nonprofits this fiscal year sits at $40,000.

The Town Council will hold a special called meeting on Monday, Sept. 24, at 5:30 p.m., to discuss the nonprofit budget requests.