Police break up potential meth deal


Abraham Mahshie Contributing Writer

A methamphetamine trafficker was detained in a voluntary search conducted by the Franklin Police Department late the evening of February 26. Samuel Wayne Cash, 42, of Hayesville was acting in a suspicious manner near the Countrywide Chevrolet location at Cat Creek Road when Officer Randy Dula began to question him and was given permission to search his person. The voluntary search yielded more than a gram of methamphetamine, enough for a criminal trafficking charge. Cash was secured on a $200,000 bond and his court date was continued until April 4. “In the drug world, that’s a lot of dope for an individual to have,” said Franklin Police Chief David Adams, noting the quantity indicated a sale may have been about to take place. “My inclination is he’s probably a dealer.” Adams said Cash made no statement to police, but he may have been waiting for a pick up when he was searched. Officer Dula’s suspicions may have interrupted the drug deal. Chief Adams added, “At least we know that much is off the street.”