Principals meet to discuss education plans

Macon County Board of Education photo by Vickie Carpenter

Diane Peltz – Contributing Writer

Macon County Schools Superintendent Dr. Chris Baldwin, met with school principals on Tuesday to discuss ways to help students continue to learn, remotely. Some of the solutions discussed will be put into place immediately.

High school teachers will continue to provide online instruction and feedback through the school provided devices.  The 5-8 grade principals shared that they have a number of families that prefer either instructional packets or online activities.  No clear preference in either format has been determined and both options will continue to be provided. While more online opportunities will be offered at these grade levels, instructional packets will also continue to be utilized. K-4 principals will continue to provide the instructional packets as well, but educators understand that there is a need to provide instruction of new material, with a general consensus that seven or eight weeks of review is not acceptable. K-4 teachers are working on developing instructional videos that can be accessed online.  School officials are determining how to provide this instruction to students who may not have a device or connectivity.

Principals also discussed how to assess student work, provide feedback and record the student work in PowerSchool.  Student work can be submitted online.  This is the preferred method as it provides the maximum social distance.  However, parents may continue to drop off work at the schools.  Teachers will check the work, or provide an answer sheet so that parents can check the work and submit a grade.  The grades will then be recorded in PowerSchool.  Teachers will continue to reach out to families.  Families are encouraged to contact their school if they have questions about the student work.

Meals and meal delivery will continue to be provided.  Macon County Schools child nutrition department is considering opening additional sites for meal pick-up.  Once these sites are finalized, parents will be provided with the locations.

“This is new territory for all of us,” said Baldwin. “The school system is focused on providing for the needs of our students under new and changing circumstances.  We may alter our plan or our methods as we receive direction from the State Board of Education and the North Carolina Department of Instruction.  We appreciate the position that parents are in and are here to support them as best we can throughout this crisis.  We thank parents for their patience and cooperation.”

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