Brittney Burns – Staff Writer

For the last several years, the Rotary Club of Franklin has partnered with Read2Me and The Macon County News to host an annual Essay Contest with students in Macon County. This annual contest is open to all students in Macon County in grades 3-8, including homeschooled students. This year’s essay topic is “Why I Love My Community.”

The Rotary Club and the Read2Me program are asking Macon County’s young students to express what is special about the place where we live. The goal of this year’s essay contest is to encourage students to think about their community, why they love it, and to help students express encouragement to persons from other places to visit our beautiful home county.

Judges will be looking for original student work that expresses how the community is a great place to visit, why the student loves it here, and how a new person in the community could enjoy things such as nature, parks, gem mining, and other activities, also shopping and other things that might be fun for a visitor. Students should include what they enjoy, and what their families do for fun in Macon County and focus on what is different here than in other places.

Three first-place winners will be selected from each division (Grades 3-4, Grades 5-6, Grades 7-8). Cash prizes will be awarded to the first and second place winners from each division, as well as a matching prize to the submitting teacher for each winner. In the event of a tie, the awards of first and second place will be added together and divided between the two first place winners. Some students may receive an honorable mention, and will receive a certificate. All winners, including honorable mention, will be asked to participate in the Rotary Club presentation of awards. Winners can invite parents to a free luncheon to hear their winning student read his or her essay to the Rotary Club. Teachers, parents or guardians, and school librarians and principals are welcome to attend. First prize winners of each grade level will have their essays published in The Macon County News.

Entries should be turned in to the main office at Macon Middle School, or may be dropped off at the law offices of Karen L. Kenney at Kenney Law Firm, located at 673 Siler Road, (near the turn off for Macon County Library) in Franklin. Entries are due on April 5, 2017, by the close of school day.

How to enter:

(1) Write your paper (follow the rules!)

(2) Get a teacher sponsor to sign off on your entry form.

(3) Turn in your papers by April 5 at Macon Middle School office before close of school day

Prompts based on age groups:

Grades 3-4 are asked to write a letter to a friend. Tell them why they should visit this community. You can include things they might like to do, like visit the Fun Factory, or go to a movie. You can talk about the places you like to eat, and where you like to camp or hike. Most of all, your letter should be written as if you really want the person to whom you are writing to come and visit Franklin or Macon County. One page only.

Grades 5-6 will be writing a page about what they love about the community. This should include all the events that you love to attend with your family or friends, what you recommend that they do while they are in Franklin, and where they might want to stay, whether in a campsite or at a hotel, or even with you and your family! Just use your creativity, and don’t go over one page.

Grades 7-8 will be writing a story for a newspaper about why visitors should come to Franklin and Macon County. Please include where they should visit while they are here, why they will love it when they come, and what types of activities they can expect to enjoy in the winter, spring, summer and fall. You can include things like the Christmas Parade, holiday tree lighting, Picking on the Square, and other community events. You can include gem mining, camping, hiking, visiting the museums, and parks. Most of all, you should include what you love best about living in this area, and write with passion about Macon County. The work should be in the form of a newspaper article, as if you are the journalist writing for the newspaper.