Slow Spokes for Socializing Starts Up in Franklin

FROGs Quarters photo by Vickie Carpenter

Deena C. Bouknight  – Contributing Writer

Susan Schlatter has lived in Macon County for 25 years, and she was involved in a cycling group when she resided in a different area. Although she has mostly biked alone for years on the Little Tennessee Greenway, she would like to again be part of a cycling group. Recently, the almost 80-year-old began spreading the word about Slow Spokes, a cycling and socializing opportunity.   

Schlatter explained that no one has to have a “fancy” bike or a mountain bike. She cycles on her 40-year-old beach cruiser that she paid $10 for and equipped with a $40 bell. She would like to meet at least weekly – even though she bikes several times a week and is open to the idea of the group meeting more frequently. 

“We are so blessed to have the Greenway, so it is an ideal place to meet,” she said. “It’s a resource for those interested in seeing the beautiful scenery, networking, socializing, and just belonging to a casual group. Plus, there are people visiting here and moving here all the time, so this would give them a way to make connections.” 

To goal is to ride for at least an hour. 

“Just peddle casually, talk, and get some exercise – but not push ourselves,” she said.  “It’s more of a social gathering than an exercise gathering. But we are getting fresh air and some exercise.”

The group got rained out the first time they tried to meet. The “new first scheduled ride” will be Tuesday, July 13.  Gather at FROG headquarters at 6:30 p.m., ride at 6:45.

Schlatter would like to build the Slow Spokes group and noted that anyone interested can email her at: