South Macon Elementary School celebrates Read Across America Week


Diane Peltz – Contributing Writer

Reading is FUNdamental with “FUN”  being the focus,  as South Macon Elementary School participated in “Read Across America Week,”  by hosting a week long schedule of events. Each day students were able to dress up in different themes from Dr. Seuss books. On Monday the theme was from the book “Oh The Thinks You Think” and students dressed up like nerds. Tuesday was from “The Sleep Book” so students wore pajamas to school. Animal Day was on Wednesday with the theme taken from the book “Fox in Socks.”  On Thursday “Oh The Places You’ll Go”  gave way to dressing as a favorite storybook character, and Friday was dress as your favorite sports team day.

On Thursday evening, the teachers and the PTO sponsored a “Family Literacy Night” featuring Dr. Seuss-related events, and also celebrating what would have been Seuss’s 95th birthday. Event stations were placed throughout the gym and cafeteria and students were able to participate in all or any of the events they liked. 

Stations included One Fish, Two Fish, Go Fish, where students were able to fish out prizes from a small tank. At the Make Your Own Bookmark station students designed, colored and personalized their own bookmarks.  For anyone needing some extra brain power there was a Dr. Seuss trail mix station where students got to bag candy, nuts and fruit as a snack.  The Bartholomew & the Oobleck SLIME station was a big hit with most children.  Students at the slime station were able to create their own slime and put it in a baggie to take home and play with later. There was also a “Mad Lib” station where students had to write down nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs, and then plug them into a story. Since they did not know what the story was about, reading it back with their chosen parts of speech created some very amusing anecdotes.

The evening culminated with a raffle that students were able to enter, for free, in order to have a chance to win a book basket. Each grade level had their own book basket filled with all sorts of treats.