State adds $500K to Macon Schools budget


Macon County Schools will receive a state budget increase of nearly $540,500 for the 2015-16 school year.

“With minimal local funding, we will be able to provide teacher assistants in all of our K-1 classrooms, and provide some help to our second and third grade classrooms,” said Superintendent Dr. Chris Baldwin. “Additional textbook funding will allow us to address some, but not all of our textbook inadequacies. This budget is a step in the right direction.”

The state-approved budget that was passed on Sept. 18 increased public education funding locally to $25,148,879, up from $24,608,382 in 2014.

“The state funding formula for teaching assistants (TAs) was modified this year,” explained Dr. Baldwin. “In the past, TAs were funded on a per-pupil basis. Beginning in 2015-16, TAs will be funded as follows: two TAs for every three kindergarten classrooms, one TA for every two first and second grade classrooms, and one TA for every three third grade classrooms. The state average of 21 students per K-3 classroom will be used to determine the number of TAs each LEA will receive. Macon County is negatively impacted by the new formula due to our K-12 schools. Our classrooms do not always come in neat packages of 21.”