Studio open by appointment this year

Doug Hubbs has a collection of “friendly” face jugs at his studio, open - by appointment this year Nov. 29-Dec. 12.

Deena C. Bouknight Contributing Writer

On the grounds of his Lower Burningtown home is a large shed that Doug Hubbs converted years ago from his daughters’ playhouse to his gallery/warehouse space. The local potter believes he has at least 1,000 pieces – everything from plates and cups to Turkish cookware and teapots – displayed on those shelves. His pieces are finished employing a range of firing techniques from raku to bisque to fumed to low- or high-reduction stoneware. Some pieces are also pit-fired. He also has a collection of “friendly” face jugs.

Annually, Doug and his wife, Patti, host a large-scale holiday event to bring local residents and visitors together through food and fellowship and opportunities to peruse and purchase the Cave Creek Pottery. 

Since the only certainty for 2020 is uncertainty, the Hubbs decided that instead of offering up their one-day event at the beginning of December, they would enable people to make private reservations from Nov. 29 to Dec. 12. Safety, due to the pandemic, is the obvious reason for this year’s change. Guests will still be offered refreshments, although not the spread of food and drinks that have signified the event in the past, and they will have an opportunity to enjoy the wedding-worthy mountain venue and take their time shopping the vast pottery collection. 

To make an appointment for this holiday’s Show and Sell, call (828)524-2611.