Take time to pray in the new year


Inside our troubled, sinful and corrupt world today, pray for all the millions of people who take life for granted. They live their life like it will never end. They refuse to listen to the truth that they could live forever with Jesus. (Most know all about Jesus but refuse him because of their sinful lifestyles)

Accepting Jesus as your personal savior and changing your lifestyle will give you peace you’ve never known. How wonderful just knowing that eternal life with Jesus awaits you.

Jesus suffered and died on the cross because he loved us and wants all his children to be in heaven with him forever. Yes, his heart has been broken because so many of his children have taken the wrong path and choose to reject him. They have been led astray by their own pleasures and desires down the sinful path with all the wicked, corrupt and sinful ways of the world. This path will only lead to self-destruction, sorrow, separation from God and no hope for everlasting life with Jesus in heaven.