Brittney Burns – Staff Writer

Each year, the Franklin Board of Aldermen spends $40,000 in grants to qualifying nonprofits who serve Franklin residents. While $40,000 was allocated in this year’s budget for local charities, the town received funding requests totaling about $58,000, which was down from the $66,000 in requests the town received last fiscal year.

The Town of Franklin went request by request last Thursday and shared questions or concerns. After discussion, the town agreed to eliminate a $4,483 request made by FROGs (Friends of the Greenway) to repair the water feature located at Wesley’s playground. The town voted to not fund the request out of the town’s nonprofit funding pool, but rather have Town Manager Summer Woodard work with County Manager Derek Roland to potentially provide funding for the project out of the town’s contingency fund.

The town then separated the remaining requests into two categories: Requests the town wanted to see fully funded; and requests that would be funded, but at a reduced amount to reach the town’s allocated $40,000 limit.

The Franklin Board of Aldermen voted unanimously to fully fund requests from six of the 14 who applied for grants.

Fully Funded:

Boy Scouts: $1,000

Habitat for Humanity: $5,000

KIDS Place: $5,000

Hospice Foundation of WNC: $1,500

REACH: $5,000

Macon New Beginnings: $4,000

The remaining seven grant requests were each reduced by 57.8 percent, which allowed the total funds granted to reach the $40,000 limit set by the town.

Reduced by 57.8 percent:

Arts Council requested $3,000 and was granted $1,734

Community Care Clinic of Franklin requested $5,000 and was granted $2,890

Literacy Council of Highlands requested $5,000 and was granted $2,890

Macon County Art Association requested $5,000 and was granted $2,890

Macon County Care Network requested $5,000 and was granted $2,890

Macon County Public Library requested $5,000 and was granted $2,890

Read2Me requested $4,000 and received  $2,312.