Traffic stop turns into high speed chase

photo by Vickie Carpenter

A traffic stop turned into chase by Macon County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday. Deputy Matt Breedlove attempted to make a traffic stop of a vehicle occupied by a male and a female by the Robert C. Carpenter Building. The car took off through the construction zone then turned onto Gulf View Dr., and continued onto the Franklin Golf Course and then through the Trimont Christian School Parking, back onto Golf View Dr. The driver then tried to avoid stop sticks veering into a bank and hitting a tree. The suspect was identified as Adam Sackman and was transported to Angel Medical where he was treated for his injuries. A female passenger was identified as Adriana Garcilita was not injured. As of press time Sackman was being charged with fleeing to allude arrest, reckless driving, multiple counts of trafficking in narcotics and possession of a firearm by felon with more charges to be added. Garcilita was arrested and charges have not been released.