Brittney Burns – Staff Writer

Jury selection began Monday more than two years after Macon County Sheriff’s deputies arrested 38-year-old Adam Conley and 29-year-old Kathryn Jeter on the campus of South Macon Elementary School.

Chief Assistant District Attorney Eric Bellas said jury selection continued Tuesday, with the trial set to begin on Wednesday, as soon as members of the jury were chosen.

Both Conley and Jeter have remained in custody at the Macon County Detention Center since the June 2015 incident, when they were both charged with attempted first degree murder, weapons on school property, cruelty to animals, assault with a deadly weapon, discharge of a weapon on school property, and five counts of possession of a gun on school property.

Conley and Jeter have both appeared in court several times over the last two years, with various continuance to obtain legal counsel, receive psychiatric evaluations and for other reasons. On Monday, the District Attorney’s office urged for the cases to finally receive its day in court.

MCSO deputies were called to the school just before 5:30 a.m. on a June morning in 2015 after Alice “Ab” Bradley reported confronting two armed suspects at the school. Deputy Aubrey Parrish was the first deputy to arrive at the school. Parrish spotted the suspects and retreated to her vehicle where she radioed in that Conley was armed with a silver pistol and refusing to follow her commands. Parrish waited in her patrol vehicle until other deputies arrived a few minutes later.

Conley was shocked with a stun gun three times during the confrontation. Jeter was also shocked with a stun gun when deputies said she reached for a gun that had fallen from Conley’s person during his struggle with deputies.

By 5:40 a.m. deputies had taken both suspects into custody.

Deputies found two guns in holsters on Conley’s belt in addition to the two others they had seen while taking the two suspects into custody. A fifth gun was found on a school bus on the property near where the bus driver had encountered the suspects.

Children had not arrived at school during the incident.