Brittney Lofthouse — Staff Writer

Macon County Schools administration were notified of a “hit list” found at Franklin High School on Tuesday afternoon. The list of names featured 15 names of students and staff at Franklin High School, including Franklin High School Principal Barry Woody, as well as members of law enforcement, an attorney, and members of the District Attorney’s Office. 

“This morning, Macon County Schools Administration was given access to a list of students whom the creator of the list intended harm,” Macon County Schools said in a statement released Tuesday afternoon. “The Franklin High School student who wrote the list has been detained and Macon County Sheriff’s Deputies, Detectives and SROs are on campus at Franklin High School. Individuals named on the list, and their parents, are being notified individually. The situation is under control.” 

Macon County Sheriff’s deputies were immediately notified and remained on campus throughout the day on Tuesday. Two students, a 16-year-old boy who wrote the list and his girlfriend, were both arrested and taken into custody. 

According to reports, school administration obtained several pieces of papers — one paper was labeled “hit list two” and the other says “hit list three.” According to Dr. Baldwin, the papers that they obtained were revisions of list one. 

Macon County Sheriff Robert Holland said that while interviewing the two suspects, statements were made by the suspects that lead authorities to believe that he had full intentions of carrying out the “hit list” and after a search of the suspects residences Tuesday evening, authorities discovered that the suspect not only had intent, but he had the means necessary to do it. The suspect disclosed to law enforcement during an interview that he had access to fire arms that belonged to his and his parents, and a search warrant retrieved such evidence from his residence. 

The two students who were taken into custody on Tuesday are currently “receiving resources they need.” When they are discharged from the facility where they are receiving resources, Sheriff Robert Holland said that criminal charges will be filed.