What happened to our town of Franklin?


For those who have lived in Franklin all your lives, or for those who have lived here 10 or more years, you will understand my concerns. I do hope many of you share my same uneasiness about this issue. I do understand, some don’t care, that’s just the reason I’m writing this letter.

Franklin is a beautiful place to live for so many reasons. But, that’s if you only keep your eyes up and never look down on our streets, highways, and neighborhoods. I’m talking about bags of trash everywhere. I’m talking about even pieces of furniture along the roadside. Empty 12-pack containers of beer cans, baby diapers, on every main road and highway in our town there’s trash. “What happened to our beautiful landscaping?” I can remember a time, many years passed, you would never see trash along any of our roads. Not so long ago, I was proud of how clean our little town was, not today. Only eight years ago, this was the most beautiful and cleanest town, anywhere.